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"About our Company"

Being Xplorer has been establishing itself as a recognized specialized, with the capacity to offer a wide range of activities and destinations, along with the option to customize the experience for the travellers. We ensure that our trips meet individual requirements and are tailor made with a control on all aspects of trip organization. We focus that high standards are maintained. We can meet the traveler’s fulfilment with professionalism and a personal touch.
Whether you’re planning a simple family vacation, a commercial group trek or a challenging mountaineering expedition, we can meet your needs with expertise and Intimacy.

Some good reasons

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Why Travel with Being Xplorers ?

Our team has a lot of zeal for Being Xplorer and all team members are qualified and have surpassed trekking in Himalayas, camping ,Para gliding, rafting, wild life safaris, and other interesting activities of destinations. Our services meet the highest standards and our guides are all well trained and professional, Our analysis caters to extensive and our methods have environment conscious and cultural awareness and sense of responsibility towards local regions.

Adventure Leaders

A adventure leader is a local leader who is a valuable asset along your journey because. he has extensive and thorough knowledge about the himalayas regions and helps in assisting you in reaching He will show you and teach you about the local people, about their ways of living,language, culture, rich heritage, customs, and many other things. He also can provide you with extensive information about the local area and its history.

Comfort and Safety

As in adventure arena always comfort and safety In order to get the most out of your holiday, we understand that your health, comfort and safety are of the utmost importance. We assures that your accommodations meet the most suitable standards available and take great responsibility to fulful them, we make your safety and welfare our top priority so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday. We have the best available support and rescue procedures and facilities, should they be needed. Our adventure guides are professional guide.

Environmental Awareness

We are totally committed to the conservation of all ecosystems -- both natural and local habitats -- and people’s well being. We support and contribute to preservation of the environment, scientific investigation, and education by promoting environmental awareness among our personnel, local communities and guests through our direct participation in sustainable tourism. We are very conscious of environmental cleanliness and ecology and avoid any activities that would adversely affect the surroundings and the local people.

Save Time and Save Effort

Researching and setting up your personal holiday may be a demanding venture. Allow us to do the best just right for you! With the aid of deciding on our traveller, you could keep both money and time through reserving all of your itinerary services at once with a specialized local organization.

Affordable Custom Made Holidays

Designed with you in thoughts, our packages may be tailor-made or constructed completely from scratch to fit your wishes. Our skilled tour experts have the sources handy to make your dream excursion a truth.