Good Reason to Trek

Good Reason to Trek

In general, for most of people who are not unexposed to the bucolic surrounding and hinterland,they have the idea that trekking is a rigorous task like walking amidst forest, climbing in a no man’s land where most of the basic facilities are not available. For fitness there are all many types of exercises in different form.Although trekking is a rigorous walking in a different region and some adverse environment.Henceforth I have endeavoured to  pinpoint some of the benefits that we get from trekking  in categories as given below.


Trekking is a kind of fitness which requires both the support of body and mind. It  increases  the mental and physical endurance to the  ongoing situation or environment. It is a ultimate test for physical ability to cope with the situation and assessment for stamina.  A trek is also a challenge to face the situation and adjust to the environment. For a experienced trekker a trek is a motivator and improvises his fitness level to a higher side when trekking in high altitude regions.


Many lakes  or places in the high altitude in Himalayas region are significant for their religious and cultural value. these are treated as sacred places in most of the mountain areas either due to Hinduism or Buddhism . The religion drives the people to escape from daily life and go to these places for solace. Because now a  days people are no longer disinclined to observe the new belief in search of solution to the spiritual.


In trek one has to go to mountain terrain to enjoy the pristine landscape. The panoramic view drives people to take bind the panorama by clicking pictures. Many beautiful places area in high mountain areas are reachable by only trekking. To take a Sun rise or Sun set one has  to either wait hours or trek miles.

Here I state one beautiful quotes

Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise”


Trekking to new places one can accumulate information which ultimately helps in future to a great extent. It gives the opportunity to experience the unique culture and belief about local people. It also gives an understanding about a particular place or customs or beliefs.