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Cycling :

A cycle is essential and uncomplicated to take cycle all over the Himalayas. Riding a cycle is a great for A fitness of mental and body. It keeping muscles and lungs working the way they should be, helping unmind the mind. These cycling tours are designed to give you a taste of Indian food, culture and heritage from close quarters and maneuver past breathtaking countryside of India. One explores remote villages, old forts, ancient temples, wildlife and grand palaces and scenic view of country side.

Biking In Manali-Leh route

Beautiful scenery, landscape changing every moment, mountain ranges of different colors, uphill climbs up to 17,600 feet, extreme cold-dry conditions in cold desert, spending nights in 14,000 + feet heights, where there is no sign of human life, animal life or plant life. Ladakh or “The Land of High Passes” with its snowcapped peaks, clean blue sky and vistas of barren mountains broken only by blue meandering rivers has been attracting the intrepid traveler since the ages unknown. And the more glorified are those who have cycled amidst the highest motorable pass in the world.It’s every cycling fanatics dream to ride through the roads which hastens and Jerk through some of the most spectacular terrain in the world. On this route you will encounter mighty passes above 5,000 meters and massive slopes which are totally mind blowing and preposterous. And after a day long hard riding and biking you can enjoy the nights, camping in the wilderness, experiencing something for the first time and being bewildered by nature in all its glory.

Biking in Manali – Spiti – Kinnaur route

Biking in Manali provides a fantastic and challenging option to go through alpine forests and meadows till you cross Rohtang Pass into the more arid Lahaul valley. At Gramphoo, you take a deviation on to the Spiti Road. You make your way pass Kunzum La, the gateway to Spiti. Spiti is the cultural and religious mirror of earstwhile Tibet. Ancient monasteries dotted across brown valleys, interspersed with green villages, its High Himalayas at its best. From here, it gradually gets green as you enter Kinnaur, a valley that is mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures.