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Scuba Diving

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Scuba Diving in Andaman:

One of the greatest adventures in life can be to explore the totally unknown and unexplored world under sea. The joy of floating inside the sea like a fish where every creature is your friend and every new sight is a discovery can be immense.Dive into the sea, and experience the thrill of Scuba Diving of India's East Coast. India has amazing areas of beautiful untouched natural coral reefs, packed with marine life.

The pristine dive spots has made sure that the Andamans are now considered as a diving hot spot and divers from all around the world make their way to these islands simply to scuba dive. The deep dive offers a terrific variety of marine life, including black coral, sightings of sharks and is ideal for the experienced diver. There are plenty of steeply sloping and shallow reefs suitable for snorkeling.