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Wildlife Safari

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Wildlife safari in Ranthambore :

Travelling through the jungles of a country experiencing and observing its wildlife is the apex form of tourism compared to none. India has a lot to offer when it comes to the safari tours. It visualises a holistic view of greening and focuses on multiple ecosystem services, especially, biodiversity, preserving mangroves, wetlands, rare habitats etc.

Ranthambore national park in northern India, covers an area of 392 kmĀ². It is situated in the Sawai Madhopur district of southeastern Rajasthan. Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary is known for its tigers and is one of the best places in India to see these animals in their natural jungle habitat. Tigers can be easily spotted even in the daytime. Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve lies on the junction of Aravali range of hills and locaged just 14 Kms from Sawai Madhopur in Eastern Rajasthan. It sprawls over a varying and undulating landscape. The scenery changes dramatically from gentle and steep slopes of the Vindhyas and sharp.

Wildlife safari in Corbett national park

Corbett Tiger Reserve has catched the wittiness of many with its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. The natural uniqueness of the area was recognised long ago and so in 1936 Corbett attained the distinction as the first Tiger Reserve to be established in mainland Asia. It covers an area of 521 sq. kms. Corbett has been a haunt for tourists and wildlife lovers for a long time. Tourism activity is only allowed in selected areas of Corbett Tiger Reserve so that people get an opportunity to see its splendid landscape and the diverse wildlife.